BellTower Dinner Menu


Entrees- choose one

Slow roasted beef *

Tuscan pork tender loin

Honey & pineapple glazed ham

Master piece meatloaf*

Lemon pepper chicken

Marinated Teriyaki chicken

Raspberry chicken

Barbequed chicken

Spicy cashew chicken bites (served over rice)

Chicken alfredo

Beef stroganoff

Italian spaghetti & meatballs

Coconut shrimp skewers

Grilled beef or chicken & vegetable Skewers

Herb roasted turkey breast (seasonal)

Bacon wrapped sirloin steaks (Seasonal) *

Side dishes- choose two

Whipped potato’s with gravy

Parslied new potatoes

Classic cheesy potatoes

Baked potatoes & toppings

Rice pilaf

Cilantro lime rice

SpicySanta Ferice

Chicken or turkey stuffing

Green beans in French mushroom sauce

Steamed green beans

Glazed baby carrots

Green peas

Vegetable medley

Classic steamed corn

Salad selection- choose one

Salad De Maison

Mixed greens with dressings

Caesar with croutons & parmesan

Chinese chicken  

Fruit embellishment


Bread- Choose one

Home baked rolls

Garlic seasoned bread sticks

Assorted mini muffins


Corn bread muffins

Sliced bread assortment

Hard rolls

Mini bread baskets

Desserts- choose one

Cheesecake assortment

Sweet breads

Apple, cherry or peach crisp with toppings

Mini parfaits

Ice cram sundaes

Sherbet with dipped cookies

Pie assortment

Luscious lemon cake

Cherry swirl cake

Chocolate cream cake

Carrot cake

German chocolate cake

Chocolate bunt cake

Strawberry short cake

Beverages -choose one

Lemonade-pink lemonade-raspberry lemonade

Cranbury sprite- orange mango sprite- fruit punch

Hot chocolate(Seasonal)- tea & coffee (Ice water always served)

Items with * are at a extra cost